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    mh mh
    August 09, 2023

    there is no good reviews about lawyers so i will do my best , was charged with dui and possession , went to rotella as my second choice , in the office meeting he tried to scare me, that i am facing jail time and police can come to search my house, asked how much ? , he said 3500 i said done check or credit , did not try to negotiate though that's what i do...wanted the man to be happy going to court,. 3 days later got an email that he there more money to be paid if we go to trial or he can charge $650 an hour depends on wha time he will spend on my case ( without going to trial ), at this point i wanted this guy to drop my case because i lost respect for him but I knew that Mr Rotella will never walk away from $3500.. and if i fire a would loose my money. so i told him in the email no way i will sign this doc , but if you get me satisfying results , i will give you my word that u will be rewarded with a nice bonus ...i was forced to do s, . knowing he will never drop the case and didn't want a lawyer to represent with a vendatta and most likely that he thinks that a drug user has no honor to keep his word.. ( NOT TO MENTION NEITHER DID HE ) but i am sure in the back in his head he knew it possible, that i'm not bluffing and we went on with the case , 5 month later i just mailed him a check of $1500 , and that's regardless that my case was easy to navigate because no one read ME my rights. he delivered the goods AND I KEPT MY WORD .. AND IT'S UP TO YOU to decide about Mr Rotella but every word i wrote is the truth. A week later the check was returned to me with Mr Rotella refusing to accept the check. my first action was to write a second 5 star review to be fair and mention that he returned my check. 6 month later i am adding 5 stars not to affect his rating but keeping the review as it because it was the truth.

    Shawn Woodward
    January 10, 2023

    Mr. Rotella ESQ is a very outstanding attorney he gets the job done I was in a situation where Mr. Rotella got the job done in a timely manner. The entire staff is very professional and is attentive to your needs. I would recommend his business to anyone who is in need of an attorney. Sincerely Jamal W.

    James Bianco
    November 08, 2022

    I’m not praising, Mr. Rotella, because he “got me off “. He didn’t. But what he did do was mitigate the possible damage I could have sustained to a great extent! My unqualified advice to those who maliciously offered a one star rating is this. Own It! Explain yourself and your circumstances thoroughly. Leave nothing out. He needs to know it all. If you’re looking for a slick con man with credentials to go blazing into court with dirty lawyer tricks, pounding on anybody in his path that opposes you just to get you off and beat the case then yes, you knocked on the wrong door. Yes, it requires money to make the world go round. Undergraduate degrees are not cheap, post graduate degrees are not free. Enjoying the fruits of your hard work and providing the best possible for your family is not unscrupulous. People act like it is all profit. Put a price tag on your freedom , ask yourself what it’s really worth . But I’d almost bet my soul that if someone is truly innocent, victimized by the system in some way, coerced or has fallen prey in some nefarious manner to Law Enforcement tactics Mr. Rotella would not stand for it and I doubt very highly he would send you back into the arena with the wolves. That’s all I’m saying. This is coming from someone that paid more for his representation than it would have cost me to just eat the charge.

    Erick Rivera
    April 25, 2022

    Mr.Rotella is by far one the greatest attorney’s I’ve ever encountered. I would highly recommend him in a heart beat. Speaking from experience he looks deeply into your case and try’s to find the best solution for your matter. He’s very educated and is well known in Essex county. Mr.Rotella is very honest and lets you know from the very beginning what you can expect. If you are looking for an awesome criminal defense lawyer he’s the guy.

    Kenny Summers
    December 19, 2020

    I am writing this review because I had hired Mr.Joseph D Rotella to represent me in a criminal case. Mr. Rotella had went above and beyond to get me a favorable outcome. He was 100% straight forward and honest with me from our very 1st conversation. I will definitely recommend his service to any and everyone in need of a great lawyer.

    Joseph D Rotella Esq

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