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    Cesar Alcantara
    March 22, 2024

    Attorney Dr. Allan Friedman is a life saver. The way he handled this court appearance today was beyond impeccable and unparalleled as to where I would be standing right now. I had very little knowledge of what was going on and my Probation Officer had told me very quickly on the 15th of March where I was suppose to be. I had told him that I had two addresses of where I live. The Adult Probation Officer was not having it and he told me that this would be a Red Flag because I had been extradited from New York to Connecticut. I had told the Clinic in Intake in New York that I needed medications for the mental disorder that I had and wasn't offered any. Once I got to Connecticut the officers took me to the hospital for my meds, I was there for two (2) days and Attorney Dr. Allan Friedman bailed me out from Connecticut. I was at my parents home for about 3 hours because all my property and car was seized in New York and taken to my parents home. Luckily my Savior Attorney Allan Friedman got me out of this jam. The prosecutors in the DA's Office was bringing on additional charges that had transpired from 2020 which was four (4) years ago from the same complainant. The prosecutor was drilling my Attorney how I would not be safe for the community and the Public because I had Order of Protection Violation and they had insinuated to the court that they would raise my bond. Attorney Dr. Allan Friedman stood up for me and went behind the judge and gave the judge the paperwork of all the medical treatments I had undergone for the past four (4) years and this incident occurred just now in March of 2024 where I had a new charge. Attorney Allan Friedman told the courts that I was in good standing with the order of protection and that I hadn't violated it for four (4) years until now because I have a child with the complainant. Attorney Dr. Allan Friedman stood by me and represented me with the fullest knowledge and extent to the law that he was going to prevent me from going to jail because he knew that I had been abiding by the law and the order of protection till this incident had occurred and was initiated from the complainant. This is a testament to the devotion that Attorney Dr. Allan Friedman has toward his client and the manner in which he conducted himself today in the courts is beyond words can explain. The professionalism, the dedication, the perseverance to fight for one's right is proof of how I am still here alive writing this testimonial live as the court appearance was today. I have no words to explain how I feel today as Attorney Dr. Allan Friedman blows any type of Defense Attorney out of the water because he truly cares about the people he represents, he understands and gathers the information with quick precise detail, and comes up with solutions that gives life and results to the defendant's he represents. I am jaw shocked as to how this beautiful individual came up with all the resources he had in his arsenal to keep me standing alive today in writing this testimonial. This is not only amazing work by this individual, this goes above and beyond caring for people whenever they are in the midst of danger, this man is a Guardian Angel sent from Heaven willing to sacrifice, crawl, and work for your rights when everything is collapsing, Attorney Dr. Allan Friedman is there calmly, cool, and collected gathering all the facts and data to coming up with an informed solution to resolve any matter that may stand in your way. Attorney Allan Friedman was able to convince the judge to keep the bail bond they way it stands (no raise on the bail bond) and have me continue to be going through the treatment that I need in order to continue moving this case forward and having it resolved. May God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit bless Attorney Dr. Allan Friedman because he not only got me out of this jam but saved my life from going to a place where I would never want to go. If you need any kind of help with any situation that you are in, please reach out to this Amazing Epitome of an Impeccable individual.

    Hector Latorre
    February 28, 2024

    It was a pleasure and an honor having Attorney Allan Friedman represent me. This was my first, and hopefully last, time being on the wrong side of the Law and Allen helped me through all of it. If you need someone to represent you in court for mistakes you make in life I would recommend you give Allan Friedman a call.

    Ryan Bennie Lee
    March 02, 2024

    Allan Friedman was very helpful in assisting me in my time of need. And him and his staff was pleasant and supportive to engaged with, and attentive. Also, accommodating to my disabilities.

    Chris Hart
    October 27, 2023

    I just want to take this time to express my extreme gratitude to Attorney Allen Friedman for helping me navigate the DUI legal system in Connecticut. Allen reassured me that I would not do any jail time and was true to his word. Allen’s professionalism and experience allowed us to negotiate the proper deal. Allen’s prices are reasonable and well worth it based on the results. Sincerely Chris

    June 06, 2023

    Mr. Friedman is an excellent attorney and was able to provide me with sound legal advice and outstanding representation throughout the duration of my case. He was able to successfully guide me through an unfortunate time in my life and I owe him a sincere debt of gratitude. His knowledge, experience, and dedication got me the best possible outcome and I highly recommend contacting Mr. Friedman if you find yourself needing an attorney or have questions on your case. After reading his outstanding reviews and then talking to him for the first time, I knew I made the best decision. Thank you again Allen!

    Allan F. Friedman Criminal Lawyer

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