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    Amram Tehrani
    June 25, 2024

    Gianni Karmily possesses every quality you require of a criminal defense attorney in Nassau County: meticulous attention to detail, integrity, and dedication. That’s why he has a great reputation in the legal community, with his peers, and most importantly his clients. We cannot commend him strongly enough.

    Krystal Taylor
    February 12, 2024

    I worked with Gianni Karmily for about a year. He is very passionate about what he does and he truly cares about his clients. He expects the best from all of his employees and he cares about his employees as well. Everyone should be treated respectfully. He pays attention to every detail and he makes sure that his client's needs are met, giving them each his undivided attention to ensure that they will receive the best possible outcome on their case. I recommend him because he is not only extremely knowledgeable and capable, but he cares about everyone too.

    Edith R
    March 26, 2024

    Last year, I was arrested for assault. I immediately started searching for a defense attorney because I knew I needed one. I found Gianni Karmily, I saw that he was one of top criminal defense attorneys. Gianni normally works in another county, but he represented me in Queens county. I honestly chose Gianni not only because of amazing feedback from other clients, but my gut feeling. Gianni is aggressive in getting a good outcome and fighting for you. He will defend you. I was so sad for many months thinking I was going to face charges that would have impacted my life negatively and my future. Gianni helped put my mind at ease and told me not to worry about anything. He would say this with a big smile! He was confident in a great outcome. On March 13, 2024 Gianni got my case fully dismissed!!!! I was in total shock when I arrived at court. Thank you so much Gianni, if you need an attorney I highly recommend Gianni!!!

    Ben Khordipour
    July 01, 2024

    I had a great experience with the Law Firm of Gianni Karmily, PLLC. They were very clear and honest about everything. They kept me informed and were easy to work with. The team was dedicated and made me feel important. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a good law firm!

    Billy erdogan
    March 24, 2024

    Mr Gianni is an exceptional attorney. He knows exactly what he is doing. I had a horrible traffic violation which had me completely stressed out as well as the family. From the minute I called Mr Gianni he told me to come in and talk. When I got to the office I explained my part of the story and he told me what he can possibly do to lower my vtl charge and he actually did better than what he said. I must say I am completely satisfied with his exceptional knowledge. I had no idea how long or what was going to really happen. He told me you hired me let me worry about your case. Continue to do what you do let me handle this. The more I spoke to him the more I felt relieved. He was representing me in Nassau County which is one the tougher counties to deal with. Even in that county he was able to handle my vtl charge which could have had a very ugly outcome. I am amazed on how fast he was able to get me the best possible deal that I got. Mr Gianni is located right across the street from the court. He is in and out of that courtroom every day. Think about it he is a familiar face and respected. I've seen people shake his hands smile and greet him. I just knew that picking Mr Gianni to represent me was the best decision I have made. Read his reviews and see what he specializes in. Then call he will tell you to come in. He will lay it out for you and tell you what the goals are as far as whatever type of case you may have. I didn't have an easy case to deal with , but yet I went to court two times and I was floored and amazed with the outcome that he has got for me. Maybe I could have lost my license. He has got me the best deal that I could have gotten. I remember standing outside the courtroom he went inside the courtroom and came back outside and told me that we did it we got the deal. Tears of joy literally fell from my eyes. I was so grateful I could not help myself from shaking Mr Gianni's hand and actually giving him a hug and thanking him so much. I will never forget what he has done for me that is a fact. I am truly grateful. I couldn't be happier. He handles DWI, leaving the scene, speeding tickets, Reckless driving and lots of other traffic tickets. He also handles criminal cases. I really advise anybody that is looking for a trustworthy attorney to take my advice call him get to know him. I guarantee if you use Mr Gianni you won't be sorry. Like I said it was the best decision I have made. There are so many good things I could say about Mr Gianni. One thing that is very important if he ask you to provide paperwork make sure you do it so that he can handle your case in the right Manner and is quickly as possible. Any question I had he was always there to answer the phone or call me back if he was busy, but he never left me hanging. I was a mess and so worried he put me in the whole family at ease. My family was actually present when the verdict came to my case it was better than we expected. Everybody was ecstatic. Everybody had tears of joy in their eyes. We will all very grateful. Mr Gianni thank you so much. I mean it from my heart. I will never forget what you did for me. I will highly recommend anybody I know that needs a great attorney to call you. He represented me in Nassau County not an easy place to deal with in legal matters. Yet Mr Gianni pulled it off. Remember read his reviews look at his services if they are up there and they fit your crime he is the right attorney for you. He is a small boutique company which is a good thing because he will always be dealing with you. It's not easy when you call a big firm you show up in a different lawyer is there it totally throws things off and doesn't seem to be right. Mr Gianni was there for me from the beginning to the end where we successfully and did my case on the second court date with a great outcome. Thanks again Mr Gianni. God bless you.

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