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    Sandy Turner
    November 05, 2023

    He is a super awesome attorney!! I had a difficult traffic violation and he was able to get my case dismissed. I will recommend him to anyone with a traffic situation to call him now! I can't thank him enough for what he was able to do with my case.

    Akeem Williams
    August 10, 2023

    Mr. Grajek is the most elite, educated, confident, optimistic, and savvy attorney that I have encountered thus far. I had the pleasure of having Mr. Grajek represent/defend me in a quite challenging/peculiar DUI trial case in which he showcased his expertise. I fell asleep at a McDonald's drive-through window in my vehicle, in which I was wrongfully perceived as under the influence of alcohol when, in fact, I had succumbed to immense sleep deprivation due to the nature of my nightlife job. I had a few bottles of alcohol in the vehicle that were gifted to me by my boss from a bartending gig earlier that day. The officers assumed that I was intoxicated when they saw the bottles in my vehicle and assumed I was drunk when I was genuinely exhausted. Grajek proved my innocence in a county (Polk) despite its very high DUI conviction rate. He reviewed my case and immediately saw potential, whereas two previous attorneys flat out informed me I would be wasting my time and efforts. One of them even said it was pointless to take it to trial, leaving me hopeless and defeated. I wanted someone to see my perspective, to listen to my story, and give me a fair fighting chance to be heard. Grajek made it happen. Throughout the case, he was always responsive via text/call, provided accurate advice, and offered encouraging words. The verdict of my DUI case was "not guilty," and the outcome for the other case he is currently representing me in (driving knowingly on a suspended license) is also very promising. I advise that his pricing may be higher than others (you get what you pay for, lol), but I assure you it is worth every red cent, especially if you want an experienced attorney who knows what the hell he is doing, is very responsive in communication, optimistic, and will actually fight for your freedom instead of just taking your money and leaving you for the wolves to feast on, like so many others in this city/county/state. Highly recommend!

    Alexis Hernandez
    August 12, 2022

    He helped me solve a very complicated matter. I had just got my license back from another state that had suspended me for habitual offender and because one of my offenses had happened in Florida then Florida suspended me for the same thing. basically I had to pay twice for the same offense. He constantly stood in communication with me and responded to all my reaching out to him even through his busy schedule. We need to understand that we as a individual are not his only client and that things take time especially after the pandemic where most areas are understaffed. I'm getting my license back when the state in my mind took it away unfairly although I understand why the state of Florida has the laws it has. This lawyer knows his stuff and his advice is well worth listening to. He also made sure that I was able to solve other problems I had before offering his services and charging me. He gave me thorough information before taking my case also. Very good lawyer and I highly recommend. Other reviews here seem to me as people who where just impatient or just simply didn't want to follow his advice and I'm glad I didn't let those reviews deter me away from him. He gets the job done! Thank you Tom for your exceptional service and I will gladly use you again if needed!

    David Dabrow
    September 30, 2022

    Mr. Grajek handled my case with excellence. I was charged for something I did not do (in Polk County), and with Mr. Grajek's help and strategy the case was thrown out. I would be most comfortable with trusting Mr. Grajek for any legal help in the future; he knows the the people and 'the way things work'.

    Bradley Ellis
    November 08, 2022

    Thomas Grajek is a superb criminal defense attorney. I rate him as 5000 in a five star rating. His court prowess and considerable knowledge of the law are unparalleled. He is truly a master of his domain in the trial setting. I cannot say enough good things about Mr Grajek.

    Thomas C. Grajek, Attorney at Law

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